Smart network development

3D technology for visual communication

We provide a patented, mobile-optimized 3D technology to deliver interactive messages and notifications to the phones of our customers.

World of Avatars

World of Avatars is a revolutionary application that allows users to select or create their own favorite 3D NFT Avatar. Users can then send their avatar to their friend’s device to deliver a customized message, like selecting a GIF, or interact with their Avatar through touch and voice, experience games with him. The avatar, on the other hand, can inform the user of the live results of their favorite sports team or just let them know about the weather outside. We thereby introduce to you the first fully interactive 3D NFT avatar.


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3D NFT-Projects

To fund the development of our proprietary applications, we conduct project work for renowned international clients. Our expertise lies in software and 3D development.

Hours Spent on Internal Development:
Number of Unique NFT Projects in 2021:
Art Project

TKOO/ Lamborghini

The King of Offset is a unique project initiated by world renown artist Abdullah Qandeel. These stunning results blend the world of physical and digital assets.
Digital Formula 1

Alpine F1

We are proud to say that we are one of the first companies that was able to create digital representations of a team from Formula 1.

Ambition Man

“An artistic approach made it possible to create this one of a kind masterpiece which sold, at auction, for a staggering price of 250 Ethereum in 2021.”
Motorsport NFT


Our first NFTs in the motorsport world resulted in digitalized and animated assets of the Petronas Sepang Racing Team. To say it was an exciting project is an understatement.

Zita Vass

Collaborating with famous model, actress and influencer, Zita Vass, allowed us to create the first NFT partnership for World of Avatars.
Humanoid 3D Avatar


In this project we created a high-end humanoid 3D Avatar of Teodora Djuric, a famous Hollywood actress. The project was initiated by a leading global phone producer with the purpose of offering a preinstalled setup tutorial on their smart phones.


The mission of Smart Network Development is to provide the technological solution for the next generation of visual communication, virtual friends, and advertising.


Our vision is that one day almost every mobile device user will have the option to select or create his favorite 3D avatar friend. Whether that be your pet, fantasy character, or just your grandkid who helped you create his avatar with a selfie.


What we do

Smart Network Development d.o.o. is a software development company and 3D studio located in Belgrade, Serbia. We founded the company in July 2020. Our team creates unique technological solutions, focusing on consumer-oriented products with multiple use cases and maximum scalability. We develop our proprietary applications while executing external 3D and NFT projects for renowned customers, like Moto GP teams, Formula 1 teams, international artists, brands, and celebrities.

Communication Gamification Applications

Patented Technology

We are the first team in the world that overcame specific issues and found a unique and patent-pending solution to display fully interactive 3D objects on top of every screen within your mobile device, thereby conveying the feeling of a virtual friend living in your device.

Our patent will protect and ensure our first-mover advantage in advanced visual communication and create an additional 10X multiplier for the future value of our company.


Get To Know Us

SND is led by an experienced management team with a track record in the startup sector, performance marketing, business development, and Blockchain applications.

Our development and art team consists of programming experts and 3D artists with 25 years of experience. We all love to innovate, create and move the boundaries of what is possible in the digital world.

Marko Djuric

The initial founder and visionary has an educational background in international management. He is an entrepreneur through and through. Prior to this project he filled the position of CTO in the Austrian startup Factorix. Thereby he created concepts for the implementation of Blockchain solutions in the German automotive industry, as well as hybrid data centers. As CEO and product manager he is responsible for tailoring our product for the market and developing strategies with Mathias.

Mathias Fink
Vice President

SND’s strategy and business development is accounted for by Mathias Fink, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics from the Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria. Mathias is a serial entrepreneur with experience in management, business strategy, performance marketing, blockchain technology and sales. He has over five years of hands-on experience across multiple industries applying design thinking, agile project management and leadership.

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