Smart network development

3D technology for visual communication

We provide a patented, mobile-optimized 3D technology to deliver interactive messages and notifications to the phones of our customers.

What we do

We are a deep-tech company that develops mobile-optimized software for displaying animated 3D objects on the user’s home screen and on top of other third-party software on mobile devices. Our key technology for enhanced visual communication is protected by our “Communication Gamification Applications” US software patent.

The company is structured as a limited, residing in Belgrad, Serbia.The company is led by Marko Djuric, CEO and Mathias Fink, COO. For our global product rollout in 2021 we will open our US Holding and another Austrian subsidiary.



World of Avatars

World of Avatars is an Android native app that includes the mayor key applications of our 3D technology. The consumer app is streamlined for the next level visual communication and customizable interactive 3D avatar assistants.

Download the app and become part of our 3D visual communication movement!


Lamborghini 3D Project

The worlds first artist approved NFT (A-NFT)

Smart Network Development collaborated with world renown painter Abdullah Qandeel on his vision to create the worlds first A-NFT, which includes physical and digital artwork and empowers the artist

Our highly experienced 3D team created the digital art for this project, which will be auctioned on SuperRare beginning of June 2021.

Teodora 3D

Avatar for a global mobile hardware producer
In this project we created a high-end humanoid 3D Avatar of Theodora Djuric, a famous Hollywood actress. The project was initiated by a leading global phone producer with the purpose of offering a preinstalled setup tutorial on their smart phones.

Our Mission

Provide technological solutions for the next generation of visual communication and revolutionize digital conversation for users and clients by offering the most exciting and convenient services possible.

Our Vision

By rolling out our technology and its applications on a global scale, we will become the leader and trend setter in the revolutionary field of advanced visual communication. We are introducing individualized 3D messaging, notification delivery by 3D avatars and customizable emotional virtual friends as assistants for mobile devices. Those applications combined allow us to enable a customizable virtual representation for our users in the growing virtual world.

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Communication Gamification Applications

Patented Technology

In the beginning of 2020 we registered our provisional US software Patent with our US legal office. On may 17th we registered a PCT global patent at the European patent office in Munich, Germany.

Our patented will protect and ensure our first mover advantage in the field of advanced visual communication and create an additional 10X multiplier for the future value of our company.


Get To Know Us

Marko Djuric

The initial founder and visionary has an educational background in international management. He is an entrepreneur through and through. Prior to this project he filled the position of CTO in the Austrian startup Factorix. Thereby he created concepts for the implementation of Blockchain solutions in the German automotive industry, as well as hybrid data centers. As CEO and product manager he is responsible for tailoring our product for the market and developing strategies with Mathias.

Mathias Fink
Vice President

SND’s strategy and business development is accounted for by Mathias Fink, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics from the Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria. Mathias is a serial entrepreneur with experience in management, business strategy, performance marketing, blockchain technology and sales. He has over five years of hands-on experience across multiple industries applying design thinking, agile project management and leadership.

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